UV prints & painting – Alex Hirtzel

New artwork for Cambridge Original Printmakers Biennale

Having run an “artist Apprentice” workshop looking at the “Dutch Flowers” exhibition at the National Gallery, followed by spending two weeks working amongst the altarpieces in the Sainsbury Wing and seeing the Bosch exhibition at the Prado, Alex has created work that reflects these aspects in her latest Polyptych piece.


Her recent work recreates a Dutch flower painting in the Fitzwilliam museum, painted by Robin The Elder, but replaces the garden flowers with wild flowers. These have been painted with UV paint, to show how flowers have evolved highly ingenious ways to attract bees and other pollinators in ways which we cannot see with the naked eye. Bees see in UV, and this artwork is painted in UV paint, so when lit by UV light it looks quite different.


Find this piece, along with more of Alex’s original artwork for sale on ArtFinder:

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