Working with natural sciences

Alex has been working with the Department of Plant Science at Cambridge University to help further her work for ‘A Right Royal Buzz’ exhibition.

The science of plants and pollination, has always fascinated Alex, the opportunity to work with such a prestigious department, and in particular Professor B. Glover has been a real highlight in her career.


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About Alex

 Alex is a multi disciplined installation artist, mostly working as a printmaker and ceramicists. Working with scientists she draws fictions from facts, makes up new stories, picks up references, and orders them into a new narrative. 



October 2015 – March 2016 A Right Royal Buzz triple exhibition Duck Island Cottage, Mall and National Gallery simultaneously

October 2015 – MacDonald Institute, Cambridge, “Cuneiform Cargo,” ceramic installation as part of Art Language Location Art Festival

September 2015 – Changing Spaces Gallery, Cambridge CURATRIX* № II”

November 2014 – Double exhibition of work from Ziyaret Tepe, Oxford & Cambridge Club, Pall Mall, and Burlington Street Pop Up gallery.