Ziyaret Tepe Exhibition

Alex is drawn to ancient landscapes where the recurring themes of myths and stories lie in layers, waiting for the visual archaeologist to play with memory and symbolism.

For a couple of weeks from late June Alex was lucky enough to have permissions in place to join the international archaeological team working at Ziyaret Tepe, in South Eastern Turkey along the River Tigris.

The team worked immensely hard; the day started strictly at 5;30am and worked in the dig house right through until 7pm, with a few hours off in the middle of the day when the temperature reached at least 100.

Alex made pen drawings of the objects the archaeologists were working with. She drew from the one million excavated potsherds, archaeobotanical and zoological finds, all incredibly fascinating.

Since coming back she has been working with these images, making them mainly into prints and ceramics.

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