Travelling Treasure Boxes

Alex has vast experience running workshops in schools and community groups. Her Travelling Treasure Box sessions incorporate art, history and science, and are engaging, educational, and one of a kind!

Schools & Young People’s Groups:
Alex has worked with hundreds of schools in the UK and many young people’s groups. She has experience of working with all ages, from pre-school to Sixth-formers and university students.
She also has experience working within SEN schools and specialist classes for blind or partially sighted groups, Hospital schools, and schools where the children have mental health issues.

Community Groups
Alex has worked with many community groups including homeless groups and care homes.
She has undertaken training courses in:
– Mental Health Training & social inclusion
– Disability Awareness
– Blind Awareness Training by RNIB
– Dementia Training

Follow Alex on Twitter (@AlexHirtzel) for updates from her latest sessions, or visit her Travelling Treasure Boxes website to find out more…

Travelling Treasure Boxes Website

The following photos have been taken during Travelling Treasure Box sessions: